Do Silk Pillow Slips Really Benefit Your Skin and Hair?

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Is the hype around Silk Pillow Slips to be believed? We are here to answer a few of your top questions.

Can silk pillow slips prevent wrinkles?

Believe it or not, YES!
 With Silk, there is no friction between your face and the pillow slip. It's smooth texture allows your delicate face to glide effortlessly across the pillow all night. This results in less tugging and pulling on the face, which cause creases, that over time turn into wrinkles.

Do silk pillow slips keep your skin hydrated?

Again, YES!
Silk won't absorb anything, no moisture from your skin.
This keeps your skin hydrated and those expensive face creams where they belong, working for you.

Do silk pillow slips prevent acne?

Silk pillowslips are a great ally if you are prone to acne breakouts.
Regular pillow slips tend to absorb and trap oil and bacteria from the face, creating a petri dish of germs on your pillow.  Silk won't absorb anything, while also being hypoallergenic (germ & mite repellent) - making it a cleaner choice for people with acne and healthier for your skin in general.
Silk is also gentler on the skin with less irritation and friction. The friction from regular pillow slips on acne prone skin can create more inflammation, making your acne worse.

Are silk pillow slips hypoallergenic?

As just mentioned, YES!
Silk is great for allergy sufferers as the silkworms, while spinning, naturally produce a protein that makes silk resistant to germs, dust mites, and other allergens.

Do silk pillow slips prevent hair frizz?

Again, YES!
Due to Silk's smooth texture, Silk keeps your hair smooth, shiny and frizz-free. Regular pillow slips can snag, damage and break off your hair. 
I mean it is easy to see why Silk pillow slips is the beauty secret of dermatologist and hair dressers. A beauty products that works wonders for us while we sleep. 
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