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Founded in 2018, Kate James Studios was born after quitting the 9-5 grind and taking off to travel the world, inspired to create a different life.
After travelling around for 18 months, Kate finally settled in Bali, Indonesia with a love for all things interiors and a new home ready to be styled. When it finally came to the bedroom, there were just no bedding options to choose from - "so I went out and created my own".
Here was born the first sample of our 100% flax seed linen, SAND duvet cover set (which is still the absolute favourite amongst all Kate James lovers). "Linen was always an easy choice. Not only the most lux looking bedding on the market, it was also the most eco-friendly and sustainable fabric of choice."
After gaining a following from other expats on the island with the same problem, our small collection of linen bedding was born. While we have developed and grown over the years (now produced between China & Bali) our capsule of designs remain with the same vision - to create classic lux linen bedding, that defies time and fashion trends, with sustainability our core focus.
Now based back in Australia, our small team is always developing and learning new ways of how we can do better and we know sustainability does not have to come at the cost of style or luxury.

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